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martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

USK Spain in the main regional paper of Malaga (Spain)- Diario Sur

I'm so proud and happy, today we got a full page dedicated to Urban Sketchers Spain interviewing my friend and great artist Luis Ruiz in the main regional newspaper of Malaga - Diario sur.

Among the many things he tells about Urban sketchers, I will just pick a few such as the fact that USK is a non profit organisation with members all around the world that takes the pulse of the cities. You can travel the world without actually moving from your computer! We try to capture the moment in a natural way without a picture or a memory. With the freshness of the instant. We see things with new eyes, we discover buildings, views that had gone unnoticed. I agree with him, that it is an enriching and stimulating experience.

I enclose one of the magnificent examples of Luis work that came with the article.

You can find more of his great work in flickr or on the USK spain page.
To read the full article in Spanish please visit

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  1. I had not seen this post till now, Sarah!
    Thank you and un abrazo desde Málaga!
    See you soon...