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Bienvenidos a un mundo de pequeños recuerdos, instantes breves capturados en papel y transmitidos por un haz de luz hasta vuestras pantallas. Bienvenidos al pequeño mundo de Lasari.

Welcome to a world of small memories, brief moments captured in paper and broadcasted through a beam of light to reach you through your monitors. Welcome to Lasari's tiny world.

domingo, 26 de diciembre de 2010

Navidad en la Málaga Clasica...

11122010 MANTECADOS, originalmente cargada por Lasari.

I have quite a story on the shop window of this classical grocery store of Malaga.
You can see many of the typical Xmas sweets displayed for sale. The sign says they prapare sandwiches as well.
The man behind the window is one of the owners, they are 2 brothers, his name is Paco. His grandfather had the shopm and so had his father, he and his brother were born on the upper floor even! (and all of that info from just buying a bottle of water...) This is one of the family businesses that sadly will dissapear when they go as their sons and daughers won't continue with the business. Is the end of an era...what a shame...I can help being a nostalgic...

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