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Bienvenidos a un mundo de pequeños recuerdos, instantes breves capturados en papel y transmitidos por un haz de luz hasta vuestras pantallas. Bienvenidos al pequeño mundo de Lasari.

Welcome to a world of small memories, brief moments captured in paper and broadcasted through a beam of light to reach you through your monitors. Welcome to Lasari's tiny world.

miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

Felipe si ganamos te llamo...

070511 FELIPE ESCARCENA, originalmente cargada por Lasari.

Here it is, my first sketch where I actually asked permission to the model to draw him. I was taking part in a local quick drawing competition []. Actually, it's the first time in my wholelife I dear doing something like this: 1st asking a complete stranger to draw him and spending nearly 3 hours chatting to him to do it and then taking part in a competition. I must say I had a lovely time with this man, in fact he new my late father in law, we talked about so many anecdotes that went from his time in the Spanish Navy (nearly cracked when he told me about the first time he saw a bikini!!) and his trips around South America. And then to my surprise I found out that they gave me the Special prize in the competition, I could not believe it! I humble urban sketcher with all this big paintings made of acrilic and oil, the others were soo nice as well. Anyway, great time and now with the price I will by a tablet to start colouring some of my sketches with photoshop, Im so thrilled jeje

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